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"Reaching the World, Changing the World"

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"Reaching the World, Changing the World"
Global Missions International - (GMI) is a non-profit organization designed to serve as a vehicle to launch technology based initiatives in local communities around the world to foster sustainable economic empowerment for under-served and disadvantaged individuals by providing them access to the global community. We believe that people are quite capable of managing and directing their own affairs after the initial investment of education, training and support to get them started. After-which time they will be supervised by local and national coordinators to oversee the ongoing viability of the projects. We would love to hear from those in various nations around the world who would like to partner with us as volunteers, sponsors and/or financial donors. It is our belief that those of us who have had or have the privilege of being financially stable have an obligation to assist and serve others who are economically challenged or less fortunate due to lack of education, training, and opportunities in their nations. There is a long history of missions around the world, with some good and bad examples and we want to take as much from the good examples as possible and eliminate as many of the negative examples as possible and we believe one way to do this is to change the face of missions by creating a system of independence, not dependence on foreign  agencies, from  outsiders to insiders who are committed to a lifetime of change in their nation and local community. 

Creating Opportunities

We have found that most people in impoverished nations are not looking for a hand out, but a hand up and want to address the underlying issues that are causing this situation to exists, which is primarily lack of access to education, training and opportunities, So, let's work to level the playing field by giving them access to the global economy.Because, with the use of technology people are not limited to income opportunities in their own nation, but they can pursue opportunities from around the world without even leaving their nation. In many nations people still do not have access to free internet which would allow them to access the global job opportunities that can help to improve their financial position in life. This is one of our primary target areas that we hope to play a major role in by establishing "technology centers" to educate, train, and equip people in technology fields so that they can be a part of the global economy. Education without opportunity is of little value when it it comes to helping people financially, so our goal is to partner with businesses and employers around the world who are willing to hire at least one million people to support their business operations. 

Education & Training

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. We are training and equipping people in developing nations to access the global economy through the use of information technology. Many people lack job opportunities in their own nation so this provides a way to seek opportunities globally to improve their economic conditions. As one of our coordinators stated;... "We locals know what gifts, skills and talent potential we have within us, but unless we are given the same education, training, and opportunities,  as well as, change our mindset we will not be able to access the global community". Yes... we may have to give a person the first fish, so that they can eat breakfast; but then, we teach them how to catch fish for their lunch and dinner."

How To Connect

We are not just looking for financial donors, but life donors who understand that money alone will not solve these issues. Strategic partnerships with  individuals and businesses  are key to creating a success chain for the people we are looking to serve. If you are an employer or businessperson, why not consider hiring someone to do basic data processing, record-keeping, research, and other information technology tasks. It is truly amazing the impact that you can have on the lives of individuals, communities and nations with just a little bit of education, training and on-going support. We will also offer missions opportunities for those who would like to personally go to visit these areas and offer whatever practical, spiritual and/or material support they can to be a part of our mission to reach and change the world,  one person at a time. Even-though we are motivated by the love of Christ for all people, our primary focus is on showing that love to all people in practical, real life ways that will change their lives for eternity. So, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, language, age, disability, nationality, socio-economic status, political affiliation, or religion. 


Contact us for all of your Virtual Assistant Services for your individual and business needs starting @ $4.00/hr. Sample of services offered:

... Data Entry
... Checking Emails
... Internet Research
... Administrative Support
... Social Media
... Web Design


Let's give a hand up, not a hand out to help create opportunities for others through the use of technology.Show your support for our effort to create one million jobs. Your gifts help us to reach the world, and change the world economically through the use of technology and socially by creating a social consciousness to uplift one another. Partner with us today to help train and equip others in developing nations for global economic opportunities.


"Reaching the World, Changing the World"